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Summer and Mark’s Love Story:
Mark and I met each at the Hester Street Fair in NYC. He was a new part-time vendor to my regular week-end gig selling vintage clothing. From the minute I locked eyes with him I knew he was something so special. I practically stalked the Hester Street Fair website every week to see if he was going to be a vendor that week-end. When he was on the list, I made a point to look extra cute. He would always make it a point to come over to my booth and ask me to make change for him, talk about other vintage markets or have some excuse to say hi. I never had a clue he was interested in me. Towards the end of the fair season Mark asked my for a ride home one evening. That ride turned into dinner, eventually him moving into my apt, and us combining our businesses and opening a vintage showroom together. He told me he was going to marry me on our first date and I made the promise that I would take him to Texas to go vintage shopping. I hope to be taking him to Texas the first time to become my husband and finally meet my family from Oklahoma. We are excited for our journey together and know we will create great things together as partners in life.


Kim and Daniel’s Love Story:
One thousand three hundred and forty-eight days ago, I went on my very first date with my now soon-to-be husband, Daniel. After three weeks of flagging my car down in the parking lot after class and about thirty-five rejections, I finally gave his request of taking me out an obligatory, “fine.” We were polar opposites. From an outside perspective, he was the epitome of everything my parents warned me about. But, he was different; he was smart, charming, and mysterious and I was intrigued. Every time he looked at me, I felt like he could see right through me. Every thought I had, he already knew. I couldn’t put up enough walls to combat his persistence so I finally caved, and met him for coffee. Four and a half hours and about thirteen total coffees later, I knew I had found something special with him and I never looked back. They say love is intangible but whoever quoted those words has obviously never been in love. Our love is something beyond words on a written page. This love is something I can see in his eyes, I can hear in his voice, I can smell in the air around him, I can taste on his lips, and I can feel in his hands. We took that young love and ran with it. Right out of acting school, we moved in together. It was difficult at first having two ambitious actors living under one roof. But, we grew together. We learned together. We celebrated together. And, we suffered together. Through every trial and tribulation that comes with the stigma of being a starving artist, we have never left each other’s side. In a world of unpredictability, what we have together is as perfect and unchanging as peanut butter and jelly.


Stephanie and Justin’s Love Story:
My fiancé Justin and I will have been together for 5 years on October 20th,2013 (the determined wedding date of the winning couple!!), although it seems like it was just yesterday that I sat down in front of the newest employee at Texas Roadhouse and insisted he would be my boyfriend. Together we have an amazing 2 year old daughter, Harper. Since the day we found out we were expecting we have been dreaming of being able to tie the knot, still somehow managing to afford the wedding we would love to have. Justin has exceeded any expectations I have ever had of the father to my child and a fiancé. He is the most determined and deserving individual of something amazing happening to him. He is constantly pushing himself to work harder in his career just to support his girls. I have not worked since Harper was born, simply because the job I would hold would not cover what childcare costs these days. Missing out on every first moment of our daughter would just never be worth a few extra dollars a month. There are not many men that accept their girlfriends to not work even though we are pushing to make it financially each month. I am pushing with everything I have for something wonderful to finally happen to this amazing man. I am not saying that we would not accept just “going to the courthouse” to be married, but not only would a wedding be the most perfect gift to each of us, but what better of a party could we throw to also celebrate this beautiful little girl we have together.


Lindsey and Chris’s Love Story:
I met Chris at Texas Tech University when my sorority Kappa Alpha Theta was paired with his fraternity Delta Tau Delta for Homecoming in the fall of 2006. We had to team up and make a float for the homecoming parade together. One night, I went over to the Delt lodge with some girls to help with the float. I walked in and saw this guy sitting on the floor working on the float by himself, so I decided to introduce myself and sit down and help him. Chris was very friendly and before I knew it 2 hours had pasted and we were still talking. Then that weekend some girls and I went bowling with the boys and that night Chris asked me for my number. The rest is history. Chris and I spent our college years together and they were the most amazing years of my life. Now we live in downtown Dallas. I am a first grade teacher and Chris is a credit analyst. We enjoy going to cooking classes, trying new food, traveling, and spending time outdoors with our dog Riley. I knew Chris was “The One” when we were graduating from college and he was deciding whether he was going to move to Dallas with me or move back home to Austin. Chris ended up applying to every bank in Dallas and let me know he was serious about making future plans with me. Now it has been 3 years since we graduated and we are engaged! He is my best friend and I could not imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. We are so excited about embarking on this next stage of our life, Marriage! Let the party planning begin!


Veronica and Victor’s Love Story:
From Veronica: I stood in the dirt with him facing me down on one knee, and in that moment the world stood still. Everything became silent; I heard nothing he had said. With his eyes starring at mine, I could feel warm tears running down my face. It was as if the universe had stopped to admire this occasion with me. We met freshman year of high school in our science class. We sat across the room from each other. As the school year grew, I noticed him more. He was always loud and amusing.

From Victor: I was only loud because I wanted her attention. She was interesting to me. When she and I began to work together in group labs, we just clicked. She was so different from me that at this time the cliché “opposites attract” couldn’t have been truer. She became my girlfriend on May 10, 2003. When we returned from the one-hour horse ride, I asked her to take a picture with me. This was the moment. This was why I brought her here. I stood in front of her as my heart began to race. I started the speech I had practiced twenty times but I couldn’t remember a thing. As I looked into her beautiful brown eyes, I took a knee. Right then she knew, everyone there knew. With every ounce of honesty and love, I asked her “will you marry me?” with tear filled eyes, I heard the
answer I had been waiting for.

From Veronica: I always knew he was the one. I was completely surprised. All I could say was yes. With the ring on my finger I was now promised to him on his twenty-fifth birthday. After nine years loving one another, it couldn’t have been more perfect timing.

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